How do I compare Legacy Core Share vs Current Dedicated Cores?


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It's already January: time to reevaluate my hosting plan and make choices for the year ahead. Currently running a legacy SSD-3 with cPanel. Support rarely hears from me because I hardly ever have problems. In the past, my decision has always been "This has worked extremely well for me, so why mess with it?" However, there are two issues this time which has me considering other options:

1) Over the past holiday season, I bumped up against my RAM limit of 4.5GB. This was the result of higher traffic + what seems like higher resource usage by cPanel than was the case previously. I remedied this by adding 1GB memory via the scaling slider which is still available to legacy plan users. Worked fine, but a relatively expensive option when compared to the current plans. Going forward, I am considering switching from SSD-3 to the current Standard VPS. At about the same cost per month, this would give me 8GB RAM which would be more than enough. My concern is how would my CPU resources be affected? My current plan gives me an "equal share" of 24 cores. The new plan would give me 4 dedicated cores. Apples and oranges. How do I make the comparison? I'm guessing that once I give up my legacy plan, I cannot get it back (?) So, I need to make sure I get this right.

2) As of this month, cPanel licensing costs will increase (again!) for legacy plans. In the past, I have resisted the temptation to switch to Direct Admin because, again, "this has worked extremely well for me, so why mess with it?" But with two price increases in a row, I'm starting to think this will be an annual thing from cPanel. For those of you who have switched, what are your thoughts? Has anyone here switched to Direct Admin, then back to cPanel? In my case, the premium for cPanel will be $12.25 per month going forward.

By the way, the question of whether to switch providers is one I never consider. I've been with KnownHost since 2013 and wouldn't consider going anywhere else. You folks are the best! On the rare occasion where I have had an issue, support has resolved it within minutes. Thanks for 8 great years so far!