How do i accees cPanel


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I got SSD VPS , and got only CENTOS 6.4 and power panel . How to get something like PLESK to manage all

. How to manage Databases , add domains and so on . please help
Hi and welcome to KH!

It depends on which control panel you ordered your VPS with.

If you ordered it with cPanel you can access it by visiting

http://IP:2086 or http://IP/whm/ for WHM , you login with the user root and your root password.

From there you can create an account for each domain and then manage those by visiting

http://IP:2082 or http://IP/cpanel/ to access the end user control panel. You will access this with the user account you created within WHM.

If you did not order your VPS with a control panel then you would need to contact our sales department to get your VPS re-provisioned to include a control panel.