Hostname linked to rDNS?


Game Server Specialist
I am disappointed.

I was told by support that the hostname is linked to the rDNS of the primary IP.

Can this be changed? This is stupid. I want to put correct static.reserve in my rDNS and correct server# in my hostname.

Sorry to see you being disappointed with this. This is how our internal management software is built and this cannot be overwritten. This was, actually, done this way for a reason few years ago and this would be the very first time I'm seeing someone being unhappy about this. What is the problem to have VPS hostname with a matching PTR record for your primary IP?
Some servers have specific rDNS requirements for accepting mail. We use the following format:

However, a host name like that would be crazy, as we use server1, server2 and so on.
Having non-matching hostname and PTR would result in rejected email on mail servers where PTR checks are performed unless your mail server is configured to use some other value instead of the system hostname during SMTP session. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the PTR record set to