Hostname and namerserver question


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I'm about to buy a VPS on Knownhost. On my existing VPS host I have a dozen domains but I only want to move over two of my domains at first to see how it goes. When purchasing, Knownhost requires me to enter a hostname.

Say my current VPS host name is And the nameservers at my registrar are and

I eventually want to move the domain to Knownhost, but not right away. So this appears to be confusing (at least to me). If I use one of my other domains for the Knownhost hostname, say, how do I deal with the nameservers? Can I use in two hosts as a hostname for both and also as the name for the nameservers?

And once I move over to Knownhost, what happens then? If I use in either or both of those categories (hostname and nameserver), can a nameserver and host name be changed later? I assume that will create problems, like sites not being accessible for a few days.
Howdy @TWbot

Thanks for considering KH for your hosting needs.

For the hostname, I'd recommend something like <random-name> , this way you don't have to use a different domain name that you may need to change later on. Further more, if you just want to move a domain or two at a time, instead of using ns1/, on the KH server, make them ns3/ We can make this change for you with a simple support ticket after the server is ordered as the system automatically sets them up as ns1/ns2.

Again this gives you some flexibility without having to use a different domain name and helps clean things up. Once everything is moved over, you can either just use ns3/ns4 or a combination of ns1,ns2,ns3 and ns4.

Feel free to let me know if you have any questions about this and we'll be glad to help.

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OK, thanks Dan, that all sounds logical.

So I would use something like as the hostname. But for the name servers, don't I have to do that at my registrar (rather then at KH)? So at my registrar I would add two new name servers, and, point to them in WHM when I set up my account, then contact support and they will make sure they are actually pointing to ns1/ Then I would ask them to move over and from my current host. I could probably do that as well but I'm afraid I'd skip something important and have to ask them to fix it anyway. :D

Correct, you would register ns3/ns4 @ your domain registrar, pointing those to your KH VPS IP addresses.

The only thing we would do server-side is to make sure that when an account is created/migrated, it uses ns3/ns4 instead of the default ns1/ns2. (it'll kinda sorta work but can make some dns bits angry and fail tests like

Yup, once is moved from the old server to the new VPS, you simply goto the registrar again and change that domain from using ns1/ns2 to ns3/ns4.
OK, signed up for Knownhost, got all my info, but when I went to my registrar's site, they won't let me edit or add name servers - a message indicates they are hosted by a third party. The only third party I can imagine would be my other hosting company. Is that possible?

The registrar says I can use their hosting and set up/moved/edit my current name servers there. But I don't want to do that.

Perhaps I'm misunderstanding something...
>The only third party I can imagine would be my other hosting company. Is that possible?

That's possible. Can we get you to open a ticket with support? We can dig deeper there.
I did open two tickets over the past day and a half and Kayla in support helped me solve the initial nameserver setup issue on the first ticket. But on the second ticket, I have dealt with three different people (not Kayla), and each had a different take on the problem, and possible solution. I believe the confusion was created by my belief I could use on KH while leaving and the domain on the other host, as DanielP suggested.

On the second ticket I wanted to know what mailserver name to use and boom, a can of worms opened. The most recent suggestion was to drop the ns3/ nameservers and create a nameserver for each migrated domain with same name as the domain. Makes my head spin. o_O

I don't want to disparage KH support in any way as they have all tried to be helpful, but I'm no longer sure how to proceed.
Hey there TWbot,

As far as the mail server name goes the client can use their own domain name.

The NS3 and 4 name servers should be fine and the host name should be fine. If it weren't ok to use them then the system would not have let you create it as there are checks and balances for that.