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    Hi, I'd like some advice on how to handle the following situation.

    A customer with an account on an Windows server elsewhere (too hard to move) wants to make use of mailman for a small list of members (volunteer club) and wonder if I can host this mailing list for them under their domain. (Not under my or another domain).

    I assume they create an mx record to point to my VPS IP address and I create an MX entry for But I'd also need a Cpanel account for them to create and manage this mailing list.

    Is it possible? How do I go about it? Do they simply access their Cpanel account using the IP address? If so do I need a dedicated IP or can they use vps-ip/accountname?

    Would it better if they create a subdomain at their registrar such as and I create that account they can point to?

    Sorry for all the questions but I can't quite grasp the best way to deal with this.

    Thanks in advance

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