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Howdy All, I have the VPS L with Cpanel and Fratsico ($36.00) out of the DallasTexas Datacenter, and I was just curious how KnownHost compares to I see on there website that they have awards, Texas Data Center in Dallas with round the clock support like Knownhost.

The only difference I see is that that I get more diskspace over there for the Copper Reseller. (40 GB compares to KnownHost 10GB)....

Has anyone here ever used or heard about someone using HostGator? I see a sign for them on top of a building on my way to work here in the Houston area.....
Yes, HostGator is an ad whore just about everyone who's ever shopped around for hosting has heard of. I'd personally rate their service and support as on par with Site5 on a good day, but I have a feeling you'd have more luck learning about HostGator on HostGator's site.
Bottomline, Reseller hosting you have no full root access to configure things as you please. You also share a mail server, etc when on Reseller hosting which is definitely a drawback. VPS is superior for these obvious reasons. I guess it's all personal preference.

I have a friend over at Hostgator, and he's never really had any problems. The sites are fast and he has had good luck with their support. Though at the same time, I have also heard horror stories of ridiculously overloaded servers, and terrible support, as khiltd mentions. Having never dealt with them, I can't say.

For the price, they probably offer a little more (diskspace and bandwidth and such) than Knownhost does, but then again, Knownhost isn't primarily in the reseller hosting business. They really specialize in VPS hosting.

I have no clue how KH handles their reseller hosting (I have a VPS) or how good it is, but they are by and far one of the best hosts I've ever dealt with. In my entire time hosting since the early 90's, I've had 2 spectacular hosts, out of a bunch. The first hosted our dedicated boxes until we outgrew their services, and now Knownhost. If they handle their reseller services anywhere close to how they handle their VPSs, you're in for a treat.

Been here for somewhere around a year and a half, and hope this is the last host we need. Well...might need dedicated servers again someday, but I'm pretty convinced KH will offer them by then. :D Right KH? *wink wink*
I have an account with HostGator and despite some negative reviews, I've had good support with very little wait.

Still you are comparing VPS and reseller hosting which are quite different. KnownHost is awesome and I'd go with them anytime for a VPS.
With a reseller account there is no real protection against a rogue website on someone else's reseller account effecting your sites. With a VPS, you are basically isolated and have your own mail server, your own web server instance - this is great for reliability and the ability to tailor to your needs.

I have heard some mixed reviews about hostgator. I would definitely rate them as one of the better "oversellers" but a VPS with KnownHost really cannot be beat.

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Had two accounts with Hostgator for over a year (one personal reseller and one reseller for the company I work for). Both were on the Skyline server and if you delve though their forum enough (if it's still open to public) you'll probably see the huge server failure fiasco about that particular server. Up until that time, things were pretty OK for reseller accounts, but it is much better to pay the $ and have a more stable and controlled environment. I also had occasion to use their support, and I think they have probably improved their practices since I was there, but chat was a joke at one point farmed out to India I believe and most of the people on the other end could do absolutely nothing for you and I always had the feeling I knew a lot more about the whole situation than the person I was communicating with which is not a good feeling when you're the one needing help. All they could do is read from a script of questions and had know idea of actually comprehending any particular situation. Just my experience, I'm sure others had had wonderful ones with them as well.

The last server issue, cost them my personal and the company's business. That was in 2006 I believe (2005 maybe can't remember) and I went with KnownHost (Jay set me up within a half hour in the middle of the night I kid you not even though I wanted additional IPs on a different subnet) and the company went with another provider. They wouldn't go with KH simply because the CTO had a hard requirement for a company with 24 hour telephone support. I tried to convince them that telephone is not always the most efficient support method when dealing with hosting issues, but they wouldn't budge. Luckily the one I found for them has worked out very well and the company has received very good support and excellent uptime from them as well.

Bottom line...I have experience with about 10 or so hosts over the past 10 years or so and this is the best place I have been in terms of both uptime and support. I can't speak for the reseller hosting as I haven't used that here but get a VPS here and I am fairly certain you'll be glad you did. The old saying "You get what you pay for" really applies here. Hope this helps.