hitting oomguarpages limit


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Hi all,

I occasionally get a red alert for this variable in Plesk power panel.
I am only running a zenphoto site which is growing and a couple of mail services.

I have Cpanel running in this enviroment on 256 meg of RAM.

Is it worth upgrading to the new VS2 plan or is there some other reason that I may be getting this issue.

Additionally, are there any other benefits that would be advisable by chaning control panels to Plesk or is Cpanel the best way to go.

Hi sodafox,

Alert for the oomguarpages resource means that you're having a VPS based on UBC memory management scheme and you've exceeded your guaranteed memory amount. Alert for this specific resource is informational only, nothing bad happened at that time.

I'd stick with cPanel. Plesk is well behind cPanel when it comes to features, usability and resource utilization.
Hi Paul,

thanks for your quick reply... would you recommend changing to the new plans or staying on the old ones.
This isn't an easy question. New SLM based plans do not offer burstable memory and this is pretty much the only major difference. If current configuration works well for you it might make sense to keep it. If you need more disk space or bandwidth, then new plans might be a good fit but, again, there is no burstable memory there.
Not being much of a linux pro, is there an easy way for me to measure the memory useage and what I should be looking for in the power panel.

Would the service run quicker on the new plans given the extra base RAM or would I be getting better performance from the existing setup that I have and utilizing the burst RAM.

This is considering that I am running WHM/Cpanel on 256Mb.

The base RAM on the new packages along with disk space do interest me and I'm not entirely sure what the best option would be. (cost versus performance... in that purchasing extra upgrades or take the plan with these included.)
There is no easy way to calculate this. With UBC there were about 20 configuration parameters for various resources while with SLM everything is charged against system's total memory limit which is very close to what you can have with, for example, dedicated servers. In most cases rought calculation can be done by adding usage reported for the kmemsize, tcpsndbuf, tcprcvbuf, othersockbuf, dgramrcvbuf, lockedpages*4096 and oomguarpages*4096. By adding all these parameters together you should come up with a rought memory usage amount that will be reported with SLM based plans. Current usage for all these resource parameters can be seen in the Power Panel.

There is no real difference in performance between UBC and SLM based VPSs
Thanks for your detailed response Paul, it is very much appreciated.
Looks like I need to do some investigation.

Another reason why the last 12 months with Knownhost have been so painless.

You guys really do rock!