Hi, Just a questiion about powerpanel

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Hi, I'm new to KH as well, but not as new to VPS's or Dedis as I once was (I'm still new enough that I still can't figure out vi yet but I got nano/pico down pat :))

I do have a question though, with CPANEL/WHM VPS'z, what would the Virtuzzo power panel be used for? As for what I can see, WHM controls the services and stuff. i figure it's just there by default and is probably used by VPS's without a control panel?

I was a little bit annoyed when i had to go through the installation/setup proocess for WHM, Fantastico then the installers complained about buggy binaries which I had to --force back to an older version. I've had VPS's from where I had to do everything from installing cpanel wirh a wget command to already have cpanel,whm,fantastico,rvskins, and my main domain installed and configured so I didn't have to go through any of the setup wizzards. The SSH on a non-standard port and the discount easily canceled out my annoyance though.


You probably won't need to use it very frequently, but it can force a reboot, manage your backups, do some basic firewall configuration, change your root password, etc.
Virtuozzo Power Panel is not a hosting control panel. It controls the "virtualization" layer and can perform some basic needs as khiltd said. You can use it to check your resource usage, restart your VPS and use it's file manager to edit files but by no means can act as a hosting control panel. This page might assist you in understanding more about Virtuozzo and the Power Panel in particular.

Another way to think about this is that the VZPP will always be working so long as the node is online, even if your server environment becomes totally broken and inaccessible. Thus you can use VZPP to force a full-environment restore from backup or wipe and reinstall the entire VPS.