Hi Guys....I am New To KH Family

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by KingCupid, Apr 18, 2013.

  1. KingCupid

    KingCupid New Member

    Hi Guys.....I am new to KH Family...yesterday they migrated my site to KH....so far I am happy with service....and hope to stay here long. I am a noob in VPS world...I hope I will also learn from you how to manage and handle things. :)
  2. Dan

    Dan Moderator

    Hi KingCupid and welcome to KH! :)
  3. KH-Jonathan

    KH-Jonathan Director of Managed Services Staff Member

    We hope to see you around here for a long time.

    And welcome to the forums :) We're working on getting the activity up around here.
  4. K24

    K24 Member

  5. KH-Tyler

    KH-Tyler Super Moderator Staff Member

    Hey KingCupid!

    Welcome aboard :cool:
  6. KingCupid

    KingCupid New Member

    Thanx guys for such warm welcome :)
  7. K24

    K24 Member

  8. roslin

    roslin New Member

    I am also a new comer here ..Nice to meet you all
  9. KH-DanielP

    KH-DanielP KH-COO Staff Member

    Welcome welcome. Glad to have you, pleasure to meet you.
  10. KH-Chad

    KH-Chad Banned User Staff Member

    Welcome to KnownHost. If there's anything you need help with, feel free to ask.

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