Hi CPU usages showing for MySQL in WHM


Hey everyone,

I've been monitoring my server today and I've seen MySQL Pid slowly go up to about 20.4 %. What's weird is that even when the site load dropped back down to around 1 or 2, the amount of CPU MySQL is using is sticking to 20.4 %. Currently both of my sites are snappy and responding well, but I'm still concerned about this 20%.

When looking at my Daily Process Log in WHM it's showing red for user MySQL and the top processes are MySQL.

/usr/sbin/mysqld --basedir/ --datadir/var/lib/mysql --usermysql --pid-file/var/lib/mysql/host.mydomain.com.pid --skip-external-locking

I haven't done any customizing to MySQL or my.cnf as I'm not even sure which is the right file to edit. I'm thinking it's the one in /etc but it's pretty empty. I also don't have the standard log file directories that my MONyog install was looking for.

Any tips or suggestions?

What's interesting is the busiest query when sniffing with MONyog is a simple Update to the members table, but it uses a now() for the datetime field. I might try changing that to a php generated variable, but other than that, the table is indexed properly and only has 12k rows.