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  1. Wired Techie

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    Hi all,

    While I am waiting on sales here, I have a question on the tar command, I do know how to extract tar files via command line (SSH) but i need the command to archive everything (including hidden files and sub-directories).

    Since all my domains where I am at are all under html, I figured I may be able to archive the contents then download one archive file, then I can manually ftp each site to the correct location here after creating the domains.

    I just figured this way may be quicker then downloading every account individually when I can get them all at once,

    so in a nutshell, I want to archive everything in the html directory including dot files and sub-directories. I've never used tar in reverse, always had a manager to do that. :)

    I'll probably do the actual moving on my Debian system.

    I know that I could FTP the entire directory to my Debian, but that takes way over 2 hours to download. (Speeds are terrible and upload is way worse, which is why I'm coming back here to stay.)


  2. Dan

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    Hello Wired and welcome back! :D

    Hidden files will be tarred no problem there. The command you'll want is: tar czvf filename.tar directoryname

    The options there are
    c = create
    z = zip
    v = verbose (show files)
    f = file

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