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  1. Ronald Timbal

    Ronald Timbal New Member

    I have a domain in godaddy and want to point it to the name servers here in knownhost,

    each time I enter the custom name server, godaddy gives me an error message; "You must enter a registered nameserver."

    I dont understand why is this happening, upon checking my VPS CPANEL/WHM, the name server is properly setup (at least based on what I see)

    any thoughts on this? I have attached the screenshot for the godaddy error

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  2. KH-DavidL

    KH-DavidL Abuse & Documentation Specialist Staff Member

  3. Ronald Timbal

    Ronald Timbal New Member

    Hi David, thank you for your response on this, Yes I do need assistance, you see, my main domain; is on godaddy, and whenever I tried changing the nameservers, it shows an error like on the image I attached on the first post on the top, it says on your email and I quote below

    "You need to create the following name servers at your registrar: using IP using IP"

    I did that on the WHM, but when I add those two nameservers, the error appears,

    is there anyway I can make my main domain for my VPS?

  4. KH-DavidL

    KH-DavidL Abuse & Documentation Specialist Staff Member


    If you review those links, GoDaddy's instructions provide the steps to "Register" the nameservers. As we do not work for GoDaddy, I can not tell you exactly the steps to perform, however there should be a "Add Hostname" option in your GoDaddy Control Panel. That's where you need to register ns1 and ns2 to the IP addresses. Once those are saved and set, you can then add/use those nameservers for the domain. Does that make sense?

    If you open a Support Department ticket, we can assist with setting this as your server's hostname.

  5. doulos

    doulos Member

    You don't "register" name servers with WHM, but with your regisrar (in this case, Godaddy).

    1. login to your godaddy account.
    2. navigate to domains/yourdomain
    3. find "Host Names" and click on "Manage"
    4. add your host name (ns1,ns2) and IP address'
    5 save

    Done. Once you register your host names you can enter your nameservers for your domain.
  6. MiCarl

    MiCarl Member

    Ok, I use Godaddy as my registrar, but moved the domains from another registrar so I did not need to register my nameservers. I've been watching this topic out of curiosity.

    The post from doulos gave me enough information to finally track it down. Godaddy does not make it easy. Here are the steps (with more description):
    1. login to godaddy
    2.From the "Domains" drop down at top left choose "All Domains". This will show you a grid with your domains, you might only have one.
    3. At the top right box for any of your domains click the asterisk looking settings icon. (you should be able to register the nameservers from any domain).
    4. A menu will pop up. Choose "Domain Details"
    5. Look at the left column of the details page. The sixth row is "Host Names". The next column probably says "0 hostnames created". Right under that is a link that says "Manage". That link will let you register your name servers.
  7. MiCarl

    MiCarl Member

    So I went back into my account to test my instructions. When your first log on "Manage Domains" is on the main screen.

    Since I wrote the instructions that Manage link in step 5 has quit working for me. Godaddy has slick advertising but their web interface is one of the poorer I've seen. Good luck!

    Or just call their customer support and make them do it.
  8. MiCarl

    MiCarl Member

    Ok. Picture tutorial.

    Use your first nameserver and IP address in step 6. Repeat step 6 for 2nd nameserver and IP address. Then click "SAVE".

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