Help needed for a total noob


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Hi all

I'm a total noob when it comes to VPS hosting, so apologies if I ask anything completely ridiculous.

To cut a long story short - I was formerly on a shared hosting package with Doteasy, but my bandwidth got so high that I was forced to buy a VPS.

Whilst the domain is still registered with Doteasy, my hosting will now be through KnownHost. A couple of days ago, I changed my DNS with Doteasy. 48 hours have now passed and my website is now completely dead and inaccessible. However, my new IP address seems to be working (sort of), as it takes me to an Apache "test" page, which says I have to "add content to this directory and replace this placeholder page, or else point the server at their real content."

I've looked at Direct Admin - but it seems rather confusing, with all kinds of files and directories. I'm unsure what to do next, and where I'm supposed to be uploading my index page and other files, and whether I need to do anything more with regards to IP addresses and whatnot. :(

Can anybody help?



Did you create an account for your domain in DirectAdmin? If not this would be the very first thing to do. Once account is created just upload your files into the public_html directory using your FTP client. Please feel free to open a ticket with our 24x7 support if you need any assistance. Also, here is a link to the DA documentation site which might help to get started:
How exactly do I create an account? Do you mean a separate FTP account? I looked at the help guide, but the setup is different to what I'm seeing. There doesn't seem to be any option for FTP on the main page (?), and there's no option for creating new accounts.

If I click on the "Files" icon at the top of the main menu, I get taken to a screen with 3 directories:


If I click on the "domains" folder, I get to a screen with 3 more directories:


If I click on "default", I get a screen with various .shtml files (400, 401, 402, etc) plus an index.htm file.

Not sure what to do next. I tried replacing the Index file, but nothing changed when I entered my website address. I tried creating a "" folder in /domains, with another index page, but couldn't get anything to happen.

Again, sorry for being a total noob. I'm normally quite good when it comes to web/computer issues.
I think I've figured it out now. lol.

I was trying to configure using the Admin level before... but it's actually the "User" level which has all the FTP options etc.

I can now upload the whole site. Yippee!