help me out please.


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I have always been on a shared server and need to get away from them because of the amount of times they are going down because I think we are using to much resources. Been told a VPS will be better for us. All in all we just run a forum, ip board2.2.2. I dont know anything about vps at all. We aint a big forum but most the time its active with at least 30 members at a time. I looked at the deals you have but got lost lol

On the shared host i am used to having a control panel and do most the uploading using ftp.

Please what would you suggest.

Thank you.

Thanks for your interest in KnownHost. May I ask what control panel you use currently with your host? If it is something we also offer we can migrate all the data which is why I ask. As for your needs based on 30 members on at once I would say start with the VPS L or XL. Let me know about the control panel though. Thanks.

cpanel I am used to and the host I am with now have a thing called backstage, its with
I recommend the L or XL to start with cPanel. We will move all your data. Once you order (if you order) please open a support ticket and provide login details to your current server. Thanks.

Just cPanel contents so anything in cPanel like domains, emails, etc. We don't install and configure the forum itself. That would be for you to do. Just cPanel data.

ok, my only worry is losing, well managing to put the forum data back up. I know its a case of doing a backup but on one cheap sever I use just to upload stuff on always gave me errors when doing the mysql data in. Aslo have another server I use dont. Do you have phpmyadmin?
Yes, you can use phpmyadmin. By the way we have tons of people move forums over and I don't think they have many issues. I think you should be okay.

sounds cool, is phpmyadmin built in? also on the order form what shall i put for control panel?
Under control panel select cPanel. If you need Fantastico select that as well. That is $1/mo. That is just how we name it so it just means Fantastico.

OK see it :)

so if I go for VPS-Ltx: and it aint right for us we can just upgrade to the other one with no problems? Also its for a month at a time I think I read it so if I cant sort the data out for the forum I can just use the month and not committed to a year?[FONT=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif][/FONT]
Upgrades would involve no downtime at all. Yes, no annual contract are needed so you can go month to month. Hope to see you order.