Help me for select a vps plan

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hello ,

i was searched for vps plan and now i see reviewes in several websites ,
it seems that you are good , i am testing your server speed and it is very fast .
now i have a webiste with about 500 visitor daily , and i want advertise for it , it will be grow , so i want to know which plan is better for me ? ( VPS ); my website currently is on a shared server and it is not bad , but i want trust and faster server, please help me ; may give me a coupon for discount ?
my country : Iran
my website :

thank u i am waiting for your answer :)

Thanks for your interest in KnownHost. I actually just replied to your sales ticket from earlier this morning. I see you placed an order as well but chose paypal and paid upfront for the year (no payment made yet). Should we cancel that order? Based on your needs I would say use the VPS L with cPanel. This should work well for you. If you use cPanel now we can also migrate your accounts free of charge.

As for a coupon, we do have a promotion currently which gets you 50% off the first two months of any monthly paid VPS (VPS L or larger). The coupon code is KH2MONTHS but again only for monthly subscriptions and does not apply to the VPS M plan. Any questions let us know.

thank you

my payment was not successfully completed but i want purchase a plan ,
i have 2 question :
1 if i sign up for monthly plan and then want to upgrade yearly , is that possible or you charge me additional money ?

2 if i want to set up with yearly plan , is there any coupon dor discount ?

thank u for support:)

We will cancel your first order so you can reorder with the same email address. Yes, you can upgrade to yearly later if you want from a monthly paid VPS plan. It would be a conversion as you would pay for the year at that point (not 1 yr minus the months you paid).

Annual plans we don't have a promotion for. The pricing has a discount factored into it already but we don't have anything additional currently to bring that cost down.

i will order again

ok ,
i will order again , and i will pay as soon as possible , your support is very good .
i think you are perfect .:rolleyes:
If you are ordering and selecting paypal make sure to pay within 24 hours. We don't keep orders pending with promotions for longer then that (in most cases). Thanks.

prepaid visa card

i have provided a prepaid visa card , do u accept this payment ?
i can only pay with this type .
I see the order. Thanks. One thing I noticed is you selected cPanel and the Plesk Powerpack. Did you mean to order Fantastico? Plesk Powerpack only works with Plesk and Fantastico only works with cPanel.

The visa should work as many use them.

i dont need fantastico now , but i need some program such as Gd library and Zend optimizer v3 for running my cms ,

is fantastico necessary for me now ?
can not login

i am trying pay again but can not login and also can not create new account with my current email , please help me

Your account has now been made active in our billing portal. You should be able to login and submit payment.

Please let us know if you need anything else.

i paid again

i paid again , i correct my stat ( maryland = MD ) and i wish that will be ok , please tell me is my payment accept or not , thanks
Per the sales ticket we have open with you I am going to have this thread closed. We can use that for the line of communications.

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