Hello Friends - New to KH and might need some help!



I am considering migrating from another host so I've signed up for a VPS-2 (cPanel) account with KH.

I've never used a VPS but I'm an avid Linux user and have an extensive computer background so hopefully, I'll be able pick up on what is required, rather quickly.

I'm glad to see an active forum and I've heard good things about KH, so I'm looking forward to becoming part of this community.

As soon as my account is verified and activated, I'm sure I'll have plenty of questions related to setting up VPS for use with my two websites, which use WordPress and phpBB3, respectively.

Are there any good guides that I can read to get some tips on how to navigate, setup and secure my new KH VPS?

Thanks for the welcome, Big Dan. I was beginning to wonder of anyone frequented this forum. Having an active community support site is a major plus for a webhost.

GIMP is great FOSS. Both websites I'm considering moving here are dedicated to supporting the GIMP community. One is a phpBB3 discussion board the other is a sister site, where GIMP Scripts and Plug-ins are centralized.

I tested out KH support last night at 2:00am. I got a response in less than 10 minutes. That's pretty impressive, especially on Friday night at 2:00am. :)

I ran into a small snag at my registrar. I created a Custom NS but couldn't point to it. I kept getting a "not resolved" error. I got on chat and the registrar's support tech was able to update the NS list and point to the NS I just created. I should have been able to enter the ns1.mydomain.com & ns2.mydomain.com after I created the custom NS but they just wouldn't change from my old hosts NS names. Strange...

Well, I'm off to attempt to migrate one of my sites over. Wish me luck. lol
Cool beans. I've haven't used GIMP much (it stinks on Windows) but love the fact that I can open and edit PSDs without Photoshop. When you get all setup list your sites here I'll check 'em out. I'm always down to learn new stuff.

I believe this forum just recently relaunched you get a few people who pop in and out like myself.

Best of luck with the moves. If you have any trouble just holler. :)
Thanks Big Dan,

After having a chance to go over the excellent starter guides, getting setup was easy breezy. After logging into the cPanel of my account I created via WHM, I was in familiar territory.

I find everything to be very straight forward. I really like having root access and more control of the server. I went through every item in the WHM and in the Power Panel so I'd know what my options are. With CentOS being a cousin of Fedora, I feel very comfortable with the VPS.

Migrating over my Wordpress site was a snap and it's up and running, fast too, I might add. I'll be migrating the Forums over soon, which will be a little bigger job. I have around 10-11 GB of data and the SQL DB is 100+ meg so I might need to get support to import the DB for me. I don't think it will be much of a problem though.

Speaking of GIMP in Windows, the majority of users on my site are Windows users, with most of them using Partha's build, which has all the latest bug fixes and several optional plug-ins ready to go. The Window's peeps swear by it so you might want check it out for your Windows box.

What kind of websites are you hosting or are you a reseller?
I'm hosting a few of my own blogs and stuff. My personal blog is DanHutter.com. The largest site I host is my DJ Forum that will be converted to Xenforo in a few months. I also host a few client sites; WP powered and vBulletin and a bunch of niche sites (MFA).

Where would I find Partha's build? I have two montiors and the GIMP toolsbar windows go all over when I launch it -- I've tried everything I can think of to force it all on to one screen but it doesn't work.

A couple years back I remember there was a port that made GIMP like Photoshop with one window. That worked for a while then I upgraded to Windows 7 and lost it.
Thanks for the links, Dan. I'll be sure to check out your blog. I don't know much about DJing but I've played in lots of local rock bands (keyboards) so I'm very familiar with PA equipment and DAWs. This my Linux Based DAW.

The latest version of GIMP (v2.8.x) supports single window mode so the days of chasing around those menus are over, unless of course, you liked it that way and some do. Enable single window mode from the Windows menu.

You can download and install Partha's builds directly from his website, 64 bit or 32 bit versions are available. There are also portable builds but you really only need those when running GIMP from a USB stick. Another trusted source for GIMP is Onkel on soureforge, who has provided the latest GIMP version from the GIT tree.