Having extreme problems with SMTP, POP3, WHM, and even MySQL


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This is an act of desperation from a loyal customer that has more than 2 years with you.
Im having very bad problems with my list of Clients.
I have been receiving calls the last 4 days. Daily all day long that clients cannot send any email.
But also some days at some hours I am receiving calls saying that even Receiving emails is getting blocked. Not sure who I suppose to tell here in Knownhost to get a deep jump into this problem, cause also many clients are getting errors to database connections and all.

I already contacted support MANY Times.. all responses are that they can do it without problems, that I suppose to send IP from each clients, emails from each client, and configuratiosn from each client to see whats being the problem. I remember support that 4 days ago everything was working smoothly.

2nd option might be that I got a malware or hacked into your servers, your answer was that you already scanned everything and not a single malware file.

Please I require a little attention, because I wont let my clients flee away, next solution will be to migrate to RackSpace or Knownhost if you guys can give me a serious hand on this.

A Desperated client.

The reasons the technician requested that information, are that:

1) The ips may have been blocked for one reason or another. If several of the clients are at the same office, and a few of them enter an incorrect password(it happens to everyone at some point) the firewall could be blocking them as a security precaution. With those ips, we can check the logs, and the blacklist, and make sure it's not the case and/or prevent it from recurring.

2) The configuration can cause the same problem. An ip could easily be blocked due to too many pop3 logins within a minute. 10 users, all with a desktop client, smartphone, and tablet, all checking once a minute will be well over the default and recommended pop3 login limit. Personally, I prefer and suggest imap over pop3.

3) The return messages they are receiving contain error codes, and various other information that we can use to troubleshoot your issue. As well as specific email addresses we can search through the log for and gain more insight into exactly why you're having these issues.

Please reply to your latest ticket concerning this, or feel free to open a new one, with that information, and one of us will be glad to look into it, and prevent it from causing problems in the future.