Have a Reseller with good host BUT i need a VPS

Discussion in 'Pre-Sales Questions' started by cpoalmighty, Oct 12, 2009.

  1. cpoalmighty

    cpoalmighty New Member

    Hi all,

    I was watching around the forum and I love what i'm seeing. Let me first give a summary then the questions

    I have a reseller web hosting package with a reputable hosting company. They give me alot of benefits such as WHMCS free lifetime license, free enom account (which i recently upgraded to an api reseller account) free cpanel, free fantastico, dedicated ip for $2 extra, 24/7 live support which has almost always solved my problems for me. My only problem is that I think they are too expensive. Although the VPS plan I would like to take out with this company is a couple of dollars more, it will give me the added benefit of creating reseller accounts for my clients (which I cannot do at the moment with my reseller account)


    1) Can I create other VPS plans with my VPS plan or only reseller and shared accounts?
    2) When it comes to migration, would you need all my clients' login details etc or simply my WHM reseller account login details to successfully migrate everything over?
    3) Do you think I would be able to keep my WHMCS license from my current host if I change over to your VPS?
    4) Would I have a dedicated IP address for my account or would I need to get that separately?
    5) I am a total newby when it comes to virtuozzo. Is there a reliable tutorial you can point me to? (I do not mind learning on my own)
    6) Are there any options besides virtuozzo which could manage my VPS?
    7) How would I go about setting up a reseller account with the VPS panel?
    8) Do you honestly think that my current web host have the power to cancel the benefits they gave me through other providers ie WHMCS license, enom api reseller account,

    I think those are all the questions I have at this time. Hope to get a speedy reply.

    Potential Client
  2. Dan

    Dan Moderator

    Hello cpoalmighty,

    I'm not a Knownhost rep, I am sure one will be along shortly to expand upon/correct any answers I give you :)

    1) No you cannot create a VPS while in a VPS. If you had a dedicated server then of course you could.

    2) I do not know the answer to this as I have not tried transferring a reseller account. I have always moved my own accounts by bringing over the backup files through SSH and then restoring them. Doing it this way I did not need the account information. I believe if you use the migration tool in WHM that you do need it.

    3) It is extremely unlikely that your host who gave you the WHMCS license to begin with would allow you to take that license away from their service. Knownhost does sell WHMCS licenses at a very reasonable rate if I am not mistaken.

    4) You receive 2 IP#s with your VPS. Typically these are configured for nameservers (1 each) and one is also the shared IP for the accounts you create. You can of course purchase additional IPs for use with your SSL sites or what have you.

    5) You will not spend much time in the Virtuozzo control panel. I don't think I have logged in to mine in over a year now. You will be able to do almost everything that you need to in WHM and/or SSH.

    6) Knownhost uses Virtuozzo solely. So far as I know anyways :)

    7) You set up resellers in WHM and not in the Virtuozzo control panel. There is a reseller section there and it is fairly straight forward to use.

    8) For the WHMCS license I would say yes they can. For the Enom account anyone can have one of these with any registrar this isn't something they can give or take away since your relationship with Enom is yours :)

    Hope that helps!
  3. cpoalmighty

    cpoalmighty New Member

    Thank you very much Dan....I got the enom account through them as well so that is why i asked that question. Thank you for you speedy reply. Much appreciated.
  4. KH-Joel

    KH-Joel KH Sales Staff Member


    If you have any further questions or need clarification something let us know. We'd be happy to assist.

    Regarding migration we would need either root access if available or cPanel backup access. Hope this helps.

  5. cpoalmighty

    cpoalmighty New Member

    Hey joel,

    How does purchasing your VPS plans for our clients work? Do we list your packages on our sites under our own name and then have to manually sign up the account ourselves with you? If that is the case, how long would it take?

    EDIT: I forgot to ask, if I want to set up ns3 and ns4 records...do i simply purchase more IP'S?
  6. KH-Joel

    KH-Joel KH Sales Staff Member


    If you want to resell our VPS plans you can basically put our VPS plans on your website. Each time a customer orders one from you then you come to our website and place the order with us. We email you the logins to the VPS and we support you. If your customer has support questions they contact you and if you need help feel free to let us know. We build VPS's from 9am-11pm EST 7 days a week so if you order between these hours it will take anywhere from 2-12 hours normally much closer to the 2.

    If you need more nameservers then you can buy IP's as you please.

  7. cpoalmighty

    cpoalmighty New Member

    Thank you soo very much. I will be signing up very soon. Just have to sort out some questions with my other host. :)
  8. cpoalmighty

    cpoalmighty New Member

    Hey guys...Just a little update. I decided to stay with my current host and sign up for a VPS here as well simply for creating reseller accounts on the VPS but I still have a question. I have private name servers set to ns1:my-domain.com and ns2:my-domain.com . How could I go about ordering a VPS server from you guys? Is it that I have to use ns3 and ns4? Also, how do I do that?
    PS- my domain is at godaddy
  9. KH-Joel

    KH-Joel KH Sales Staff Member

    Yes, you can definitely use ns3 and ns4. With the VPS you can configure the nameservers how you please. The easiest approach is as you suggested by just adding 2 additional nameservers and using them with the VPS.


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