Has anyone used both the regular VPS and the SSD?


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I'm considering signing up for a Knownhost VPS, but I'm currently torn between the regular VPS and the SSD. Given the coupons that are available, the regular VPS would be a little cheaper, but I'm willing to pay a little more for a significant performance boost. I'm just not sure if an SSD would give a significant boost. Has anyone moved from the regular VPS to the SSD and if so, can you comment on any speed increase? I'm running Wordpress if that matters.
I've had both. I was on VPS-2 and moved to SSD-2. I exclusively run WordPress sites.
I do think that SSD gives a moderate improvement in performance. I wish now that I would have done benchmarks, but I didn't have the time. Where I do definitely believe SSD makes a difference it on sites that have a large number of images, as well as database queries.

If you are not tight on disk space, I would definitely move to SSD. The RAM is generally higher on SSD, and it is blazing fast, fast, fast.

Go SSD if you're not cramped for disk, IMO.

As @WebEndev mentioned, there's a significant speed boost. I know we do have some other customers who have made the switch and extremely happy. Given some time I'm sure more folks will hop in here and share their experience.
I currently have both a VPS4 and an SSD4. I regret to say I have no benchmark data on the performance increase I saw from the move to the SSD4, but I can say my users immediately noticed the increase in speed, without my making any mention of the change.

If you are looking for performance boosts, the SSD option is a good one.

And make no mistake about it, I am well-pleased with the performance of my VPS4, but the difference is noticeable.