Has anyone installed PageSpeed?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by AlexH, Dec 8, 2013.

  1. AlexH

    AlexH Member

    Has anyone tried PageSpeed from Google? Thinking about installing the open source Cpanel module instead of using their service which will be a paid service eventually.


    Looking to see if anyone has had any success or problems with it...
  2. WebEndev

    WebEndev Member

    No, but I've been studying it and am contemplating it.

    Very interesting.

    It might allow me to avoid caching plugins (WordPress sites).

    Please keep me posted if you try it, and I will do so also.

  3. AlexH

    AlexH Member

    Thanks! I'm migrating another account over to KH this week and am going to try it with that vps. I'll let you know how it goes!
  4. WebEndev

    WebEndev Member

    What kind of sites do you run? WordPress by chance?
  5. AlexH

    AlexH Member

    I have two VPS's, one houses all of my clients, several of which are Wordpress sites. My other VPS is a site with static HTML, some PHP as well as content pulled from MySQL with PHP. I'm a little afraid of installing it on the VPS with the Wordpress sites because they all belong to my clients and I'm afraid of something going wrong. I haven't done enough research yet but I wonder if I can activate it account by account or if I have to apply it to the whole vps. I suppose I should do some more reading. I'm also curious as to if it will improve how much resources are being used or if it will be more of a drain.
  6. WebEndev

    WebEndev Member

    I'm thinking of getting another VPS and setting it up for testing.

    I really want to apply it to the whole VPS to take care of all sites without the use of plugins like W3 Total Cache (although I would still use it for CDN purposes).

    I need to do more reading too :)
  7. KH-DavidL

    KH-DavidL Abuse & Documentation Specialist Staff Member

    Hey Alex, I'm running it on my personal server and am not experiencing any issues with it. In fact I like it very much. It just takes some time to configure and ensure you are using the correct filters.
  8. AlexH

    AlexH Member

    Thanks for the feedback KH-DavidL. I've been doing all of the reading and it seems like it's not the easiest thing to set up but at least there is some good documentation out there. I think I'll give it a go after the holidays. I'll let you know how it goes, I'm sure I'll have a question or two!!

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