Happy with wordpress on KH? Pls give me a website example so I can browse it and see how fast it is.

Discussion in 'Pre-Sales Questions' started by allan, Sep 21, 2014.

  1. allan

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    Happy with KH? I am thinking about switching to KH. I have wordpress with woocommerce. Please give me your best wordpress site you hosted on KH so I can browse it and see how fast your pages are loading. If not happy with KH and wordpress hosting please tell me why.
  2. KH-DavidL

    KH-DavidL Abuse & Documentation Specialist Staff Member

    Hey Allan,

    Welcome to the forums and thanks for considering KnownHost for your migration destination. Keep in mind, all websites are different and will load differently under those configured circumstances.

    I'd suggest considering a SSD Package. If you decide to choose KnownHost for your destination, I'd also recommend having one of our Support Technicians install mod_pagespeed for you. You'll need to configure it's settings per your site's needs once installed, but you can check out http://modpagespeed.com/ for some examples of what it's capable of. Also, remember to request that your VPS be uncapped.

    Our support is always around to assist and with our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee, there's nothing to lose.

    Looking forward to having you as a part of the KH Family!
  3. cookiemobsta

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    My website is www.improveyoursocialskills.com and it's a Knownhost Wordpress site. Today I'm having about 10x my normal traffic (because of a Reddit placement) and my site is still loading in less than 3 seconds. Knownhost is pretty great :)
  4. phpAddict

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  5. KH-Jonathan

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    If your server's chassis has room we can add an SSD in, mount it to /home2 for example then use cPanel to tell it to move the site's files over. MySQL can be moved to it also. It's pretty easy to add one in if you wanted to, just open up a ticket.
  6. phpAddict

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    @KH-Jonathan Thanks Jonathan! I figured it would be, but just haven't gotten around to it yet. Just wish I had done it from the start.

    @allan You can see just from KH's activity on the community forum that they're watching out for their customers. I had a dedicated server with HG since 2005 and they were setting the standard back then, but they quickly fell short after they sold out. KH has proved themselves to be even better than what HG was back in their heyday. I've noticed no down time since my migration back a few months ago, support staff is excellent, knowledgeable, and quick to respond, I can't imagine needing anything more than that from a hosting company.
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