Happy Holidays Knownhost


Happy Customer(Linux Rox)

I like to thank you guys for the Christmas card. I just got it today in the mail! In all my years of being a shared/reseller hoster I have never seen any companies, including KnownHost's competitors send out "Thank You" cards, and go above and beyond just customer and support staff. Knownhost, as all would agree is the only host I have seen, that will go above and byond that relationship between the customer and the business. They even go out of their way to help you when you have a problem with your server, or you need some help quickly, even if you are very impatient they still help you, and they also talk to you as if they are your friend. I see that on the forums many of the staff are very friendly and even use personal life and talk with the customers one on one like you would to your friend. I like to thank KnownHost for the great efforts of all the work they put in to everything.

Thank You,
KnownHost is special. Then again, I'd like to see them send out cards in a few years. With all of the people that may take advantage of KnownHost's "awesomeness" (my spell checker didn't catch it, so it must be true!), KnownHost will have to send out cards year-round just to keep up. ;)

Of course, I'm still waiting for them to buy me a drink sometime... ;)

In any case, thanks for that great customer support over the past year, KnownHost. Here's to another great year and to (me) being worry-free.