Happy Birthday KnownHost

Akshay Jain

New Member
Hi KnownHost,

I'm using your services from many years & I never found any alternative to your service. There were times when I had some issues (Texas network issue) but you always made us happy with SLA Credits. That is really professional.

Except that Texas issue, I never had downtime on my websites. I'm happy KnownHost customer. My support ticket is replied within 5 minutes.

Support helps the best, at-least they don't try to upsell anything. They always recommend the best thing. I'm currently with many hosts including industry's well known but trust me their support is not upto the mark.

Wish knownHost could have Shared Hosting as well so that I could host my small projects here. But anyways, that's not really a problem to me. Handling a VPS company is tough when you really care for your customer and want them to have long term business with them.

By the way, just after 13 days we have a birthday too. I created my VPS with you on March 20, 2012 :)

Thank You for the kind services. Hope this continues even after Donald Trump becomes your President :p

P.S.: Looking to expand my work with you very soon. Always open to accept your offers if you got.