Half my site has been taken down

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So, I casually opened up my website to find that over 50GB of Data and 90% my HTML/PHP have been stripped from my website.

Getting a shit load of angry emails from my users.

Not to happy.

What is a boy to do when a situation like this happens?
Who and where stripped your site? I'm sorry but I'm not quite sure I'm following what is posted here. Are you saying we removed 50 GB of data from your VPS? If so - do you have a ticket what I can check to see what is going on? Please let me know.

Sorry, my site wasn't taken down, its 'disappeared'.

The logs don't show any deletions of that scale.

I've opened a ticket, but I'm still curious into why massive amounts of data and PHP/HTML scripts were deleted.
Thing don't just disappear, there should be a reason for things like that. What is your ticket #? Please PM me so I can take a look. Based on the tone of your initial post it sounded like you feel that we deleted 50 GB of your scripts. I would need to dig into this as removing customer's data out of nowhere isn't something that we're here for.
Oh no, I'm not accusing KH for taking this down.

I'm just amazed that there are no logs about it, that's all.
I'd like to thank the team at KH for helping my site to quickly bounce back after this unusual occurrence!

Thanks Paul!
Thanks for the update, glad to know things are back up and running again.
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