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So I've been changing design content on my website for a few weeks now and I would like to know if there is someone who can help me improve some designs. I'm not a graphic designers at all, just a software developer and web programmer. I know this is not really a place for asking graphic designers so instead, would it be possible to kind of guide me to some designs? In particular, I am in need of static icons, static image banners, and dynamic image banners. I really like the second image of the slideshow on Knownhost's home page like the contrast of the color and the separator filter so it feels like it has more dimension as well as an image of what that particular slide has (stacks of hard drives, I think?), and I have text on the banner but no appealing design to it. I don't want to post the website since it's not the place for it.

On another note, can I use the Knownhost logo on my website as a way to show that I use and support Knownhost as a web hosting provider? It will not be modified except for scaling the image to flow with other third party providers. Thanks a lot.
Sadly, I too am more of a code guy. Not too great when it comes to graphics. Perhaps one of our other members can help out on that point.

In regards to using our logo to represent that you are a KH customer that is not a problem at all. We appreciate that you wish to display who you are hosted with.
Thanks for your reply. I thought I would just ask in case there were any graphic designers but it's fine if there aren't any.

Thank you for allowing me to use the logo. It has been applied on the website.
Try They have paid and free resources. Another good place is Plus if you are a member of adobe creative cloud, they have a bunch of tutorials that come with the paid subscription. I do graphic design, but with good results.. that is another story.