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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Peter Bernard, Apr 29, 2017.

  1. Peter Bernard

    Peter Bernard New Member

    For one of our sites Google has indexed https pages but the site does not have SSL so if anyone clicks the links they get a warning message that the site is not secure. I know I can not redirect the https links to http via htaccess without installing an SSL cert.

    Does anyone have any recommendations for an SSL cert either via Let's Encrypt or a cheap CA Cert.

  2. Dan

    Dan Moderator

    Hi Peter,

    Are we talking about a cPanel server? Because you can get free certs right in WHM using AutoSSL. Certificates can be from Let's Encrypt or Comodo. Take a look, it's very easy to use and you can enable it for all your accounts. As they are a free cert I wouldn't recommend running an eCommerce site on it though.

    Hope that helps!
  3. Peter Bernard

    Peter Bernard New Member

    It is not an eCommerce site, just a WP site about Stitching (my Mom's blog). I will check out the AutoSSL in WHM, I didn't realize Comodo was part of that. Thanks. :)
  4. Peter Bernard

    Peter Bernard New Member

    I think I will also need a dedicated IP for this also. :(
  5. Dan

    Dan Moderator

    Nope, don't need dedicated IPs for SSL anymore ;)
  6. Peter Bernard

    Peter Bernard New Member

    It is all working now ... yeah. The AutoSSL from Comodo works great for my needs. Thanks everyone.
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