Google indexed https links.

For one of our sites Google has indexed https pages but the site does not have SSL so if anyone clicks the links they get a warning message that the site is not secure. I know I can not redirect the https links to http via htaccess without installing an SSL cert.

Does anyone have any recommendations for an SSL cert either via Let's Encrypt or a cheap CA Cert.

Hi Peter,

Are we talking about a cPanel server? Because you can get free certs right in WHM using AutoSSL. Certificates can be from Let's Encrypt or Comodo. Take a look, it's very easy to use and you can enable it for all your accounts. As they are a free cert I wouldn't recommend running an eCommerce site on it though.

Hope that helps!
It is not an eCommerce site, just a WP site about Stitching (my Mom's blog). I will check out the AutoSSL in WHM, I didn't realize Comodo was part of that. Thanks. :)