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To use gmail apps I have set my email mx records to point to google in cpanel;

ASPMX.L.GOOGLE.COM. (not forgetting the final dot!)

I am now at about the 36 hour point of waiting for the mx record to change.

Should I panic yet?:eek:
Could I have missed a setting needed to change in cpanel/whm?
They say that DNS zone changes can take up to 72 hours but now a days I typically see them in 24 although changing an existing zone can take longer sometimes.

If you want to PM me the domain I can check it from here for you.
enom central

With the help of Knownhost support I think I might have fixed this by going to;

and updating mx records.
Prior to this I was following Google instructions for cPanel:rolleyes:

Anyway, GMail is now showing that my email is active under Google apps control panel:D we watch and wait....
If enom was providing DNS hosting for that domain than yes you need to update the MX records in enom. If the VPS(cPanel) was the DNS server than the MX records need to be changed in the VPS.