Give Debbie a raise!

Big Dan

New Member
After business hours, I opened a ticket last night to get an IP added to my server. Tech support kicked it to billing. I figured I wouldn't hear anything until morning. At 9:28pm everything was straightened out.

Around 10:30 I opened a ticket requesting a Litespeed license. By 11:30pm I had an invoice ready to be paid. I was already in bed.

In all my time with numerous different hosts I've never had sales on the horn after hours. Kudos to Debbie and KnownHost.
Dan, I had the same experience, a few days back. I submitted a ticket to sales at around 8:30 PM, requesting a couple of upgrades. Since I 'knew' Sales would be closed for the night, I opened the ticket by saying, "Good morning."

Imagine my surprise, when I got home from work the following morning, to see Debbie had replied about an hour after I submitted the ticket.

I've been telling you, life with KnownHost is pretty good. If I'm lyin', I'm dyin'. ;)
Signed up for the forums just to add to the kudos for Debbie. She responded to my piddling little $1 Softaculous add ticket at 11pm just as rapidly as all of my pre-sales questions and silly newbie requests. I'm guessing she drinks a lot of coffee...:)