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I an new to VPS. I received the email with instructions to create nameservers and point my domain to my new nameservers. I did that last night - pinging my domain name shows old server. When I ping my domain name this morning I get nothing. I cannot log into Direct Admin or the Power Panel. I assume I have just not given it enough time? The domain needs to resolve before I can do that?
Hello peregrine,

Assuming you set up your nameservers correctly then sure it may just be a propagation thing.

I don't use Direct Admin but I'm sure the same things have to happen. Create the nameservers on your VPS, create them at your domain registrar, then point your domain to the new nameservers at your registrar. After copying over all of your content of course :)
Thank you Dan. I can access the Parallels panel but not Direct Admin or my domain. I get "can't establish a connection to the server"
Should I be able to access Direct Admin at this point? You said to create nameservers on my VPS which I cannot login to do if that is done in Direct Admin.