Getting Started (New to VPS)


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Im new when in comes to VPS administration. So any help you can give will be highly appreciated.

I have a site hosted on a shared server with cPanel. I want to transfer it to my VPS (w/ cPanel) account here. What are the things i need to do first?

By the way, there's already 20% space used when i login to VZPP. Is it normal?
Welcome aboard!!

I'm no pro and relatively new to vps myself.

But one of the first things if you haven't done it yet is updating your dns/names servers at your register.

To create an account for your main domain/yourself you would want to login in to whm and set yourself up with an account. Even though your vps might be you still want to add your domain with whm that will automatically put your account/files in the /home directory in vps virtuozzo.

When you first login to whm it will ask you to setup a bunch of things or confirm them anyway. Most of which are generally default.

After that and you create an account for yourself with whm, then login to your new cpanel account, you can then upload your files just like you would at your shared provider. Any databases same way download them from your old host and upload them with the your new cpanel account you created for yourself.

It takes a little time and playing to figure out, I think you'll find you learn something new everyday.

As for the 20% space used depends on your package you have and the control panel you are using, between them and the operating system itself linux centos most likely, it can consume 1-3 gb's of your space. The new cpanel 11 and the updates have put a fairly big dent in my available space.

Thanks gameutopia. I appreciate your reply.
The reason why i havent point my domain yet to my VPS is that im still doing some pre-transfer tests and setup. My site is a highly active forum and we cant afford unnecessary downtime.
I already did a full restore via cpanel. Everything seems fine. But the address is something like this... http://777.777.777.777/~username/
So when i point my browser to http://777.777.777.777/ it displays my home directory (no index page).
Can i access my actual site using the address http://777.777.777.777/ instead of http://777.777.777.777/~username/ ?

And another thing, on my VZPP>VPS Services>System Services, the status of httpd and mysql are 'stopped' (X mark). Is it fine?
You should be able to view your site without dns update with 777.777.777.777/~username if all is setup properly. It will let you upload and check things out and make sure all is working prior or until dns is changed and resolved.

Virtuozzo is normal to see an X for mysql and httpd, it's a known glitch in the software programming = bummer it confuses the heck out of those new to virtuozzo.

You should be able to check for certain if mysql and httpd are up with whm or shell.
Hello Tsnk and welcome to Knownhost :)

When you restore a CPanel backup in WHM it creates the account and everything for you the same as it was on the previous server. And yes you should be able to access it via ip#/~acctname unless that's disabled in Server Security | Apache Mod_userdir tweak. By default I believe that's off though. Only thing I can figure is that maybe you created the account manually first and then did a restore and are trying to access the wrong account maybe?