General Questions (not sure what and where to start!)


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Hi, just reach here today while I look around for vps. Currently I am using vps from another company with 20GB space + 200GB bandwidth transfer, RAM is 483 (as cliamed by the provider). It is a custom plan.

At this moment, I am offering free hosting service to all my members, they could either use their own domain or sub-domain (by my main domain of course). At the moment :-
1. I have about 250+ staying active and receiving traffic.
2. On average, traffic per day for whole network is about 1k to 2k page view only, with no more than 2GB bandwidth transfer (pretty low only, and I got spacious room to growth).
3. For the last month, the whole network of my hosted sites only managed to use not more than 40GB of bandwidth, with less than 5GB of storage used currently.

For all the free hosting plan, I allow them to have cpanel, MySQL,FTP,PHP,SHopping Cart, Fantatisco,Mail...and more(well, basically you can consider it to be full features).
I am using mod_layout and ipanel (from to insert my ads/banner/text links across these free hosting sites.

Now comes my questions (after long winded story):-
1. My server has been down for few times in a single day. In fact 4-6times in 1day. Till date total was 9times and it was just in 1week.
2. In my WHM, I can see that the "Memory Usage" always stays high above 75% consistenly, and when it hit above 85%+, my whole network of sites just went blank wherever visitors try to view them.
3. My "SWAP" is constantly above 30% (Is this still alright?)
4. When this happen, I simply can't access even to my WHM! I got to go to my VPS (using Viruzzo too) and restart te server.
5. From the VPS Viruzzo panel, I can see that my resources usage is only 26% being used. (You know, the progress bar on the top?)

Pheeeww...Thanks for digesting.
So, what is your suggestion? Or any more info needed?


In case of standard (non-SLM) Virtuozzo VPS all these memory reports that are visible in WHM shows memory situation on the whole physical server. 75% of memory utilization should not be a problem as long as physical machine has 4GB of more. If physical server has 4 GB of RAM, 75% utilization means that system has 1 GB of free memory.
Swap usage percentage alone also doesn't say much - for example, 30% out of 1 GB of swap on 16 GB physical machine is not a problem at all. But there definitely will be performance problems if physical server has 2 GB of RAM and 10 GB of swap where 30% (3 GB) is being used

As for VZPP - it shows approx percentage of resource usage inside your VPS compared to your VPS limit. If you're seeing your own usage at 26%, then this means that you're staying within your plan limits and there should not be any problems created by something running inside your VPS.

Hi. Thanks for your speedy reply. it surprised me indeed for your quick response.

Ok, as I could se from my VZPP, the "privvmpages" is frequesntly having "blackzone" which mean overload right? For this partucular section , it shows :-

ID Current Use Soft Limit Hard Limit Units Description
privvmpages 84,574 161,072 179,264 4KB pages Memory allocation limit

Oftenly, the "current usage" goes beyond the "Hard Limit", and this happen more than 25+ per day! Would your vps having the same occurance? Could it be overcome?

Which of your plan would you advise me to take? As mentioned, I am offering free hosting to members (about 250+ account currently), would you help to transfer them all together too?

As I am using ipanel application in managing these accounts, would you also help to install Mod_layout, Mod_rewrite, and the ipanel script too? What's your charges like, if any?

By the way, as I will also be placinf ads code across the whole network of sites, would it help in reducing server loading time or websites loading time if I were to use "iFrame" tag?


Blackzone for privvmpages resources means that your VPS is hitting so called "burstable" memory limit. 161,072 pages translates into 629MB, so looks like your VPS requires more than 630 MB of burstable RAM. You may try to start with VPS-L and then upgrade to XL or XXL if needed.

Yes, our support team can help with accounts migration. We also can help with mod_layout / mod_rewrite configuration as long as you can provide detailed installation / configuration instructions.