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Discussion in 'Linux VPS/Dedicated - cPanel' started by quantumottle, Apr 22, 2014.

  1. quantumottle

    quantumottle New Member

    I signed up for a fully managed VPS package with KnownHost because I am not qualified to manage my own server yet. My concern is, there must still be something I need to do to harden / optimize my server, right? Or, does "fully managed" mean I can just go ahead and move in without concern?

    Are there any newb start up guides for a fully managed VPS, or should I stop worrying and just let KnownHost worry about it?
  2. doulos

    doulos Member

    From the KH managed server page:
    "All our VPS's come with the following
    • Fully Optimized & Secured
    • Free backups
    • Datacenter Options: Central (TX)/West Coast/East Coast
    • No setup fees or hidden costs
    • Highest uptime in the industry
    • cPanel, DA, Plesk (extra fee)
    • And plenty more"
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  3. Dan

    Dan Moderator

    Hi quantumottle,

    As duolos showed your server should be optimized and secured from the get to. Some do more on top of that and some leave it as it is. My recommendation would be to get it up and running as it is and then maybe take a look through the cPanel howtos and tutorials to see what some others have done

    Get familiar with your server and comfortable with the commandline. Try to figure out problems you run into yourself using Google and the forums here and if you still can't get it then get support involved (no shame in that, we all do it).

    Oh...and welcome to KH! :D
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  4. doulos

    doulos Member

    Maybe enable brute force protection and add your IP address to the white list.
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  5. Nicki

    Nicki Member

    Welcome to KnownHost! :)
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  6. KH-Jonathan

    KH-Jonathan Director of Managed Services Staff Member

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  7. quantumottle

    quantumottle New Member

    Thanks so much for all the friendly, helpful replies. I'm so happy to finally be free of BlueHost, and it feels like I've really landed at a great new home. Thanks again!
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  8. KH-DanielP

    KH-DanielP KH-COO Staff Member

    Welcome aboard Sir. If you ever need any assistance feel free to ask!
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  9. JoseDieguez

    JoseDieguez Member

    You made the best choice, i have moved some vps/reseller from other companies here, and i never had the support i get here in KH, it's just a pleasure to have vps's here :)
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  10. WebMasta

    WebMasta New Member

    KH has been very helpful so far in helping me "manage" my VPS. I have purchased fully managed VPS plans with them for complex sites, but I also like to know what I have in my hands (and so should you!). As an example, KH does backups every 2 days for you, but, if you have very dynamic sites such as forums, you want to be backing up your accounts daily via WHM (very easy to do an plenty fo guide about it), and ideally sending the backup to something like Amazon S3. Knownhost can help you with just about everything regarding a VPS, but I highly suggest to at least know the basics of managing a VPS via WHM and to, of course, know the tidbits of Cpanel (which are also easy to do as Cpanel has a very easy interface).

    Considering that you have purchased a VPS, that means that you are now taking your site/s to a new level. Knowing the basics is important and gives you more confidence in doing some managing yourself, plus you can slowly learn more and more and become an advanced user even.

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  11. balihost

    balihost New Member

    this is actually become my concern also
    I just bought ssd 4 and just amaze with the speed. but I need to tweak my vps and need to customize several things.
    I try ro instal easyapache 4 but it failed than I have to revert to 3 and have you ever got the problem wjth dns at the beginning?
    and what about backup service for my own, just noticed that r1soft from ba****y is not possible here any advice for back up?

    and in term of fully managed is it reasonable to ask for ticket?
    Too many question as begiiner :)

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