FTP Uploads slow on purpose?

Wired Techie

New Member
My site is back here finally (I forgot about the three A records I needed to make.)

I was just wondering if the FTP uploads are normally kept at about dial-up modem speeds on purpose? I was getting from 28-56k and was taking a very long time to upload some files (well over an hour).

Download speeds are fine and it isn't my ISP, I ran some speed tests to servers local and over seas and they came back between 1.1 and 1.4 download which is good and upload speed ranged from 580- 760 which is where it should be.

I am happy as the site is a lot faster now.

I just figured they may cap it on purpose to keep load down.

Don't want to bother support with it as it's not an urgent item (even though they would probably answer within 60-90 seconds if I did :) )

That's been about my response time lately. If only I could move that fast!