FTP Problem


New Member
Hello i am new for the adminVPS, if somebody can help me.
1. I navigate from the Plesk.
2. Then i navigate in the WHM and create a new Package >> Add a New Package and i specify the package name, the resources and the settings, only check the square CGI Access, the cpanel theme, feature list: default and locale: Spanish, and push the button [Add].
3. Then create a new account >> Create a New Account, i fill the domain information, the packages, the settings, the reseller settings, and the DNS Settings only checked with the default options no more.
(This point Use the nameservers specified at the Domain's Registrar
(ignore locally specified nameservers) Overwrite any existing DNS zones for the account
Nameservers: ns1.mixxxxxx.com
ns2.mixxxxxx.com i am not select)
4. Then i acces to the cpanel from my new packages mixxxx.com but i can see nothing and the FTP is not working.
Somebody can help me?
In the first mail from my VPS i read this point:
"1) Create the two name servers at your registrar" but i dont do it.