FTP and site hungs on uploading Magento


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Hello guys. Newbie here. I am wondering what am I doing wrong. I am trying to install Magento manually, and the first step is to upload it to the server. Everything is going smoothly for a few min, than hung. Server is not responding, ftp closing connection with "The connection failed due to an error or timeout." message and the site has the same problem. It's a VPS server.
You should open a support ticket and have this investigated.

It sounds like you're being temp blocked by the servers firewall for exceeding XX amount of connections -- configuration adjustment will need to be made and/or a whitelist against your IP Address.
If you don't require ftp, use file manager in cPanel. It's secure, unlike ftp, and has more features than ftp. I understand some applications, like DreamVeaver use ftp for easily updating your website so you may want to figure out why it's giving you trouble, but to move forward with your installation, use file manager for now.
Thank you guys. I will open the ticket. I don't use DreamVeaver for FTP, I like GlobalScape.Never used File manager,Thank you for advise, I'll try this. But I'd like to fix this problem as well.
Just an FYI, I use Dreamweaver (among other things), and it can be used to upload via SFTP implicit/explicit or WEBDAV in addition to plain FTP (not a good choice). No timeouts using it, right out of the box, and it does sequential upload, as in one file at a time, though rapidly. The only file upload product I've occasionally had issues with is SecureFX (bundled with Secure CRT I highly recommend it), since that defaults to parallel upload/download.
Thank you.I am always ready to play with something new, but I am trying to avoid Dreamweaver ftp. I am using it only for development when updating something "on-a-fly", like one-two file/s. For more "volume" uploads I do like ftp and GlobalScape is something I am using for a long time. It is SFTP :)