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I have a lovely host combined with some lovely Xenforo forum software, a combination that works well. Tick!

Now I want to optimise speed of everything on my forum. I have litespeed but yet to get that working properly, so in the first instance I want to focus on front-end caching of sessions for logged in uses and also caching the css. I already have a CDN setup for images and javascript.

In the Xenforo manual, I have been reading this section:

Now I don't know if its because I haven't had my dinner yet or not, but my brain feels completely frazzled! What confuses me is I am unclear if these caches are for front-end and back-end, just one or the other, if I can specify just front-end (so that litespeed can take care of the back-end) and which option to use, be it APC, File system cache etc.

Anybody got any ideas?
Checking into this -- it looks like must Xenforo installations really benefit from a 'redis' backend for caching.

The other popular one seen is memcached, but based on my initial review -- redis seems to be preferred.
Be aware that memcache is a two part process.

It requires the backend service that runs as a system serviced: Memached and then it requires the php modules Memcache.

Checking that thread, they're pointing you in the right direction. I'm not sure you'll get much caching out of Litespeed since a CDN is in use. (A CDN is recommended.)
I see this in my phpinfo file:


Are you saying that is only one half of the pie?

My CDN is only for javascript and images. My understanding is that litespeed caches the full page?

I have a bit of an issue with paying for the litespeed and cache, because it is fairly expensive. I want really fast page load times, but I am wondering if I could get virtually the same thing with apache + redis, or that kind of thing. Or even openlitespeed.

I'm not a big company, just a one man band, trying to do everything on his own!
I'm only stating that you should be aware that there are multiple aspects to the functionality of 'memcache'.

I don't know what you have or don't have installed on your server.

>> My CDN is only for javascript and images. My understanding is that litespeed caches the full page?

To utilize LSCache efficiently; you may want to check out:

Edit: It's worth mentioning that our support department is more then willing to assist in ensuring that services such as Redis or Memcache are properly setup on your server for your use.

We do assist in 3rd party installations under our 'Best Effort' policy.
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