Fresh DirectAdmin comes with oddball IP's


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Just purchased a VPS with DirectAdmin.
Admin / IP Management shows two IP's that traceroute to NJ, 173.........

I guess I delete them and add the IP's KH sent me. Do I make one "server" ? For extra fun, there is an error message when adding the IPs:

Cannot Execute Your Request
IP 162........ already exists on eth0
But it works.

Also, since "Message System" has 29 messages from 2013 it looks like the install is imaged which would explain the old IPs..
That sounds a bit odd indeed. If yours is a recent order I'll take a look at this and see what's up. We will make sure this is squared away.

Thanks for letting us know about this, we've got our admin group investigating why our deployment script did not properly replace the IP's.

We will ensure this is taken care of.
Thanks, it was a bit of an adventure to change the IP's. Tech support was helpful. Since it was my first time with DirectAdmin, I didn't know if those odd IP's served some purpose. Turned out I just replaced them all everywhere - and then outside of DirectAdmin, ran the script mentioned here: Then support restarted the container, which I guess I could have done from the Parallels control panel. Tech support is extremely fast to respond to tickets.

Added for searchability: It was clear when I first looked at it that the correct IP's had been routed because I could reach DirectAdmin, and it even gave me an error when I added the correct IP's saying "already exists on eth0". But the web server still could not work until DA had the right numbers for a domain as either shared or unique. I wanted shared, but DA can only have one shared IP, the primary, and changing that is what requires the shell script. The symptom for a domain without an assigned IP is a web error page: "This IP is being shared among many domains"