not resolving on Verizon?


I'm unlucky enough to have Verizon as both my home broadband and wireless data provider. I've noticed in the past, and am seeing right now, a DNS failure when resolving the IP for this forum. Honestly, until last night, I just assumed the forum underwent outages.

I can access via IP (obviously) using an address returned by a website which provides DNS lookup, so seems to be a pure DNS issue. I'm guessing it's related to Vz's DNS resolvers, but don't really know for sure.

Has this come up before? Any way to work around it?
I've not heard of anyone having this issue before - but it's very concerning.

As a workaround, you can try using Google's DNS servers.

Let me know if this helps you.
Ah, well. Just opened up my laptop to try messing with DNS servers and found that the problem went away. Next time it happens, I'll see if Google DNS fixes the problem.