For those that make websites...


Time Lord
I'm just curious to see how people go about making their websites (including KnownHost). Some people are pure WYSIWYG. Others do it all by hand. And still others just pay for someone to do theirs.

What do you do?
I use Dreamweaver and Contribute (both macromedia) to build my website, but knownhost is all in-house from scratch stuff to my knowledge.

I like most of the free WYSIWYG stuff and dislike most HTML editors. I do most of my raw editing with notepad or from within the cPanel file manager. A lot of stuff is scripted packages with template files for rendering as html from a .ps or .php script and normaly I'll edit the template file by hand inside the cPanel file manager. I'd rather just type out raw html than use an html editor (except tables, they are a pain even though I know ho to do them) but I still think there's nothing wrong with using WYSIWYG, most people that gripe about tools like that are eliist luddites who build their own computers from Heath kits and don't have jobs.

Anyone else hate tables?