For KH management's attention.....


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I am not sure if this is the right place to post this and Admin can move this tot he appropriate section.

It all started good with a vps2 package with KH and the same sites (the ones now that are identified for causing the constant over usage of resources), and more sites were added over the past months.

The loading speed is slow as reported in many authority sites such as Alexa. Personally, I have also experienced very slow loading and especially prolonged loading while working in the backend of the websites - such as inside the wp-admin and also within WHM.

Recently, it came to a stage that some of my sites were identified again as the high frequent usage of excessive resources that caused the server crashed and mysql server to shut down resulting in some of the sites' database to be deleted as well.
Upon reactivating of the mysql server, the restoring/repair of the databases were mixed with one dated back to Sept last year and some not working and required my re-installation of the whole site or database.I was told to upgrade or purchase more RAM.
I promptly upgraded to vps3 while they working on reactivating the server. Things were back to normal again......but only briefly.

Then it all started again even after having some of the excess files in the caches of
identified sites removed - the server crashed almost half an hour ago as of this writing and is still down. This is bad for me as my clients whose sites are also hosted, would be disappointed. it's now over 40 minutes of downtime.

While I am not dismissing that some of my sites are part of the problems, I have requested that KH conduct a thorough analysis on the server where my vps node is and also the mysql server to determine if the hardwares and supporting softwares are having issues as well that are causing the other part of the same problems. Waiting for a reply to this.

I have no doubt that all the technical support staff are doing their best as always with my high regards for them. This is intended to highlight the issues to the management to discuss how hest to work together to resolve this for our mutual interest and benefits.

KH is in control over my hosting;s backend and I am relying on KH to do the necessary including the possibility of moving my whole account/sites to a better server to see if the same issues arise prior to my purchasing more RAM or perhaps upgrade to the next level.

The immediate thing to do is to get the server back up and running the soonest possible before my clients started to complain.

Thank you