For anyone concerned about ticket/e-mail only support...


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In my search for a host for my new forum I had decided to go with a "reliable" site but found out that their tech team was... well... not very competent...

Unfortunately that other company had a good reputation and was highly recommended over at, but I now realize after this experience that WHT is strictly a site for shills.

So I started researching much deeper and had looked at KnownHost but did not like the fact that their support is ticket/e-mail only, especially given my very recent train wreck experience with that method.

I kept coming back to KnownHost and saw several people who appeared to be actual customers saying that their support was really fast and good even though it was strictly ticket system/e-mail based.

Well, after several forum chats with @KH-DanielP I finally decided to give them a try given the 30 day money back guarantee, and I have to say that the only regret I have was not going with KnownHost first. I have opened several tickets as I get my system setup, and their support has started working each of the 8 tickets I've opened within 5 minutes of them being submitted.

Not only that but their efforts, input and resolutions are outstanding. I used to do tech support for server systems in a past life, and can say that the techs really are top notch.

If you have been thinking about KH or look at them in the future, don't let the ticket system scare you off, because it is truly outstanding.
Glad I could help troubleshoot the xenforo issue for you. Site / mariadb issues are troubling, but I can only imagine trying to do so on a new (to you) control panel.

We're always here to help, though. :)
I felt that way too when I came here, but just as you did I quickly realized it was really a better way for KH to keep organized. Having a call center usually means putting inexperienced CSRs in front of a monitor that spits out canned responses. By using the ticket system here we get our issues to the experienced techs quickly without having to jump through hoops to find someone that knows what they're doing.