Football anyone??


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Does anyone watch football around here? If so who is/are your favorite team(s)?

I for one am a HUGE Eagles fan!!!

Sad to say, I don't really follow football.

Though I did just buy Madden 2007 for the PS2. ;) I can't be on the computer all the time.
am a big football fan. My fav team is Manchester United. Legends!. we got classic players, Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes, Christiano , Saha!. I think we stand a firm chance of winning the premiership this season. Chelsea can spend spend spend, however, they lack style:D . erm, who are eagles ? :D
I usually follow whatever michigan/detroit sport is winning. Now it's baseball with the Tigers!!!
All of ya are wrong! TITANS BABY! Vince Young for ROY!

I am a rabid football fan..UT(that would be Tennessee) and my beloved Oilers/Titans. The last 5 weeks sure have been more fun than the beginning of the season. I thought we were gonna have to borrow some brown paper bags from Browns fans. :p