Firewal settings in virtuozzo


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I've been running my site for about 2yrs here, and have just had a need to add a firewall rule to allow FTP. I've just logged onto virtuozza (1st time in a year and a half) only to find it's been upgraded, and the firewall rules have all "vanished". I'm a bit reluctant to go and add a new rule as I don't want the existing rules (which still show properly via iptables --list) to go as that would break my (live) site.

Does anyone have any suggestions how to get the rules back into virtuozzo, as I'm also reluctant to use iptables on the command line to add them!?

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I would suggest not to use firewall management in the Power Panel - this is one of the ugliest things done by Parallels - firewall management in the Power Panel delivers extremely basic functionality and is very limited in what can be done there. I would suggest to use iptables directly if you have knowledge of iptables rules/config syntax or install CSF to build iptables rules based on few easy to define options. Also, if you use cPanel or DirectAdmin CSF can be managed right through the web based control panel.

Iptables rules defined on the backend won't show up in the Power Panel. And any kind of firewall changes made in the Power Panel will completely wipe out any iptables rules defined on the backend.