Finally ready to move



I'm finally ready to move from my dedicated server to a VPS here. I only have aprox 10 sites on the current server, which is overkill.

I'm looking at a calif VPS, maybe the XL plan. Is the total cost per month $45 including cpanel?

The one Vb site that was hosted on my server has moved but I'm considering adding a small forum to my personal site. Any suggestions or issues with any of the open source forums as far as script errors or problems?

I'd also like the sites moved over. What's the best procedure?

What other set-up is required for cpanel or VPS in general?

Thanks for any help

Yes, the price would be $45/mo including cPanel. Regarding the migration this would be simple. Once you place the order just open a support ticket and supply your login details to your current server. From there we will schedule the migration with you and do it for you. Any further questions let us know.

Sorry I missed your question about hosting a forum. This is very popular amongst our VPS customers. Many use Vbulletin and it works well. I am sure you could ask on here for some advice from our customers. Hope to see you order. We can have the VPS ready tonight for you. :)

Ordering Now.

Thanks for the quick reply

New Customer
Opps, one more quick question.

It says I will update my nameservers only. I assume this is the nameservers assigned to my domain, do you supply the nameservers or do I have to set that up in cpanel?
Order placed, thanks for your help. Looking forward to all the good stuff I'ver heard and read about your service.

Make sure to open a support ticket to schedule the migration too. That is important to make note of.