ffmpeg converting to wmv


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Hi guys,

Quick general ffmpeg question I'm hoping somebody here can solve. I've used ffmpeg to convert video files to .wmv format. I've tried every codec (wmv1, wmv2, etc.). The files play perfectly on my Vista machines, but will not play on ANY XP machine, using the latest WMP. I've tried all sorts of codec packs on the XP machines to no avail. Is there any specific codec that can be downloaded that is guaranteed to play the ffmpeg converted wmv files on XP?


Yeah it was weird. I have been using ffmpeg for ages, and have never run into this issue. It only affected XP computers...didn't really seem to be WMP version specific. Worked fine on Macs and on Vista machines.

What really threw me is that the error WMP was giving was actually one that is related to the video codec, and since the video wouldn't play at all, that seemed to make perfect sense. But no video codec I tried would work. Turns out it was the audio codec that XP didn't like. Changed that and they all work fine now.

Interesting indeed. Only took me about a month to figure this one out. ha ha! :eek: