Few question about VPS Mca



I am considering to buy the VPS Mca from you.

But I have few concerns.

1) Does $20/month cost include $7/month cost of Plesk?
2) Does you VPS support JAVA and JSP?
3) You have mentioned full root access. Do i get to install my own custom Java chat server in your server?
4) i need a few ports open to run this chat server? What ports can I use for this?
5) Will I be able to reboot my VPS?
I'll try to answer as best I can..hopefully KH doesn't mind

1) No. For myself, cPanel is an extra 5$, so I would assume Plesk is no different, unless there's a special running

2) I would assume so. A VPS is basically like a dedicated server, except it's not. You can install whatever you want on it (with TOS/AUP limits)

3) That's what root access is...I've installed numerous custom applications.

4) I'm not sure. I know on a VPS you can run APF and whatnot, but I'm sure KH also has another firewall in front, so you would probably need to open a ticket with them (if you sign up)

5) Yes, the Virtuozzo power panel (vzpp?) acts like an IPMI card (bad analogy), you can reboot the server and perform misc. tasks within it.
The Virtuozzo power panel has a configurable firewall. By default its disabled, so other than that, I don't think KnownHost filters any ports except IRC.

Please let us know if you need any clarification on the answers given above. In general the control panel is NOT included in the monthly fee of $20/mo. So you would need to pay the monthly fee listed on our VPS Addon's Page.

Tomcat can be used but in a VPS M plan you most likely would need more RAM. Tomcat uses a ton of resources so this is one concern I have.

IRC we definitely prohibit so those ports would not be opened.

Hope to hear back soon.