Feeling dumb - How do I set up email?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by TexasPrairieGal, Aug 16, 2013.

  1. Hi guys... it's me again!
    I have VPS-SSD hosting. HOW do I create email addresses in the cPanel? I can't figure out where to start..
    (I heard that laughing, too...!!!)
  2. Dave G

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  3. Dave G

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    OK so we have 2 different control panels one is called WHM(the mother control panel) there other is cPanel(the children of WHM attached to each of your accounts/domains)
    In your WHM on the left menu find "Account Information" click it, in the center window find " List Accounts" click it you should now see a list of your accounts/domains just to the right of the account/domains you will see the cPanel icon click the one next to the account/domain you want to work with.
    Or you can login the account/domain cPanel directly.
    The link I posted earlier has pictures on creating a email account.
  4. YES!!! Thank you!!! I found it!!! Yipppeee Skipppeee

    If you could answer two more questions that would be awesome!

    1. Now that I'm over there it's giving me this warning in red:
    Warning! You are logged in with the reseller or root password
    Do I just ignore that???

    2. Where do I find the email server or pop server information to enter into our email programs so we can get our email? (we're using Microsoft Outlook)
  5. I've actually figured out part of it. I now have the correct username and password so I don't get that warning message when logged in to the domain cpanel. YEA!!

    But.. I still haven't found where the email or pop server information is for our Outlook email????
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    If you set your domains up in WHM it auto-creates mail.example.com for the mail subdomain. try that.

    Secure incoming server port 465
    secure outgoing server port 965

    Make sure these ports are allow via your firewall, too.
  7. Thank you thank you!!! :)
  8. Dave G

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    zombie don't you ever sleep :) this old man had to get some sleep!!

    Glad to hear it.
    Yes you can ignore it, you can do anything as admin logging in this way ACCEPT direct access your database via "phpMyAdmin".

    You will also note when accessing your accounts through WHM on the top center of the account cPanel you will see the domain name in a drop down list you can jump to different accounts/domains using it.

    As zombie said.
  9. Thank you both so much. It's amazing how much you take the simplest things for granted... until you're confronted with your very first ever cPanel. I would never ever never have found that other cPanel without you two. Who knew I had 2? :)

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