Feeling Absolutely Hopeless –*want to setup server on subdomain of live site


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I wanted to set up the site on site[dot]domain[dot]com instead of www[dot]domain[dot]com (where the live site is right now).

I also can't access my FTP whatsoever, and I've tried using port 2200, and the username and password provided in the activation email, along with my IP Address as the hostname.

I have a feeling I'm also essentially SOL, because I also don't want to change the nameservers, I just want to change the A Record when the site DOES go live. And it looks like the only option for this service is to change your nameservers for your domain.

Is there any way to do either of these things? Thanks.

edit: Nevermind, I figured it out. Googled how to create a user in cPanel and created one for the subdomain that I had pointed my A Name Record to.

To run things on "site.domain.com" instead of "www.domain.com" you have several options. The first one, is to create a CNAME record of "site" on "domain.com".

Alternatively, you could do this via an htaccess rule.

FTP is running on port 21 by default, and you'll need to create a cPanel account through WHM and then you can login using the cPanel accounts details. You can also add additional FTP users for that account through cPanel.

If you want FTP-style interface and file transfer abilities to the root of the server, try having a look at SFTP.

Well I'll skip the end of your post now...as I read to the bottom I see you have gotten everything resolved.

Let us know if you need anything :)