Feedback of migration to Knownhost


Well, i feel like i have to give some Feedback about my recently migration from another Hosting provider to KnownHost, and also, about the Performance of my actual SSD-VPS2

At first, i was very nervious because i have never migrated from Hosting, and i have a little of 40+ accounts, using several different scripts, with different db's, and everything.

After asking KnownHost support a few questions for calm myself, i did request migration, and it was very fast actually, Support also tought me how to check if every site was working before changing my DNS.

Everything went perfect, every one of my client's sites is working smoothly. Even i have received messages telling me that they have noticed an improve in their sites performance.

I know i have been only a week with the VPS, but until now, Sales, Support, and Performance, has been just great.

Well that's all for now, i hope i would be able to make anothe review in a few months.

PS. I am not a native English speaker, so, sorry for any mistake!