[FAQ] What node am I on?

Discussion in 'Network and Hardware status' started by ppc, Sep 8, 2007.

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    Many have asked "How do I find out which node my VPS is on?".

    In this tutorial I will outline the steps in finding the answer to this question.

    (Assuming you're on Windows)

    1. Go to Start, Run
    2. Type: cmd
    3. Type: tracert -w 300 hostnamehere (replace your hostname with hostnamehere)

      The hostname is the name assigned to your particular VPS or server usually when you setup the control panel. You can find your hostname via:

      1. Your Virtuozzo Power Panel - The hostname is right at the top eg vps.example.com
      2. SSH into your server as root and use the command "hostname"

      Alternatively, you can simply tracert any domain that is hosted on the server.
    4. The second to last hop will be *.privatesystems.net where the * is the nodenumber-the datacenter your in.

    [Don't worry about the request timed out in my traceroute, my ISP for some reason loves doing that ;)]

    Hope this helps.

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